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As children, we’re told that when we grow up, we can be anything we want. We were encouraged to follow our dreams, no matter how wild or fanciful they may be, and that limitless potential for life defined the way that we approached the world.
Unfortunately, that idealistic view of the world slowly faded away as we grew older, and the realities of education, financial stability, opportunity, location, and experience dissuaded us from pursuing what we once dreamt of as children.

I have dedicated my life to spreading the power of positive thinking, self-confidence, determination, passion, and ambition. That is why I’ve written this book, to continue sharing this life-changing information with others who may feel that all hope is lost, and that their dreams are forever out of their reach.
I am here to tell you that you’re wrong!
Your fairy tale life won’t fall on your lap simply because you wish for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve. Dreams aren’t reserved for children anymore, and with the right mentality, coaching, and tools, your happily ever after may be closer than you think.
In this book, I outline some of the most important elements that will lead you to a higher level of happiness and satisfaction with your life. These are the basic qualities and philosophies that millions of people live by, and the results are practically guaranteed.
From Pharmacist, to Entrepreneur, to Author and Business Mentor
Hi, I am Maria and I believe in leading you to a successful, passionate living whether on a personal or professional level. 

With my experience, I help to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to attain their goals.You are reading this because you are one of the special people who decided to level up your career/ business. 

I was a trained pharmacist, going on to become a pharmaceutical business executive in one of Fortune 500’s ten biggest healthcare companies, however, after years of working for corporate America, something else was calling me! 

Entrepreneurship! With over 30 years of experience as a Business Expert, I help successful, high achievers who are ready to experience a new type of freedom! 

So, I started my own business, and then another, and another! What I found was, this kind of lifestyle was much more freeing and fulfilling. I was no longer frustrated about waking up every day. I didn’t have to fight rush hour. And most of all I became a lot happier!
Today I help others start a business they love and be profitable in a year!
Your journey of transformation starts with this EBOOK!
Get yours now for free!
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